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Hovoy GRE pipe systems for Industrial applications


The many advantages of HOVOY GRE pipe systems.


Durable and corrosion resistant HOVOY GRE piping is inert to internal corrosion from water, salt water, industrial wastewater, chemicals, residues and bacteria. Similarly, it resists exterior corrosion even in aggressive environments.


Lightweight and easy to install


GRE pipe systems, being just a quarter to an eighth the weight of comparable steel pipe, are easy to install without the need of heavy equipment.


Reduced costs


The installation cost of GRE pipe systems are typically 80% of the costs of carbon steel. The corrosion resistance and resistance to UV light reduce the maintenance costs for both aboveground and buried pipelines. The smooth internal surface reduces the head loss resulting in lower pump energy consumption.


Wide range of piping systems


HOVOY offers complete GRE pipe systems in a variety of diameters and pressures for many different application areas are available in diameters up to 500 mm (20 inch), pressures classes up to 245 bar (3500 PSI) and standard lengths up to 12 m (40-feet)., including a choice of joint systems.


Longer life


Hovoy GRE pipe system longevity reduces, or eliminates loss of service or costly shutdown.


No contamination


Hovoy GRE pipe system does not produce rust or scale which could foul steam traps, valves and other components.

Low thermal conductivity


The thermal conductivity of GRE pipe system is approximately 1% of the thermal conductivity value of steel. This means Hovoy GRE pipe helps you save on your energy costs.