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GRP pipeline - Glassfiber Reinforced Plastic Pipe
Heat preservation GRP pipe - Glassfiber Reinforced Plastic Pipe

Nominal diameter DN40—600
Pressure rating range:3.5-25Mpa
Length 9.14m
Outer pipe diameter Determine outer pipe diameter upon client requirements
Manufacturing technics Filament winding control by computer, the interlayer formed by PU
Joint: API standard thread, socket and spigot adhesive, key lock
High strength
Convenient for transportation, installation and maintenance
Smoothly inner wall
Small resistance for fluid
No scale on the inner wall
Low heat conductivity is 0.028 W/mk,
Good performance of insulation, temperature drop less than 0.5℃/Km.
Good performance of corrosion resistance
Long service life, which can reach above 30 years
Application Scope  
Thermal water transmission pipeline
Oilfield geothermic fluid transmission pipeline
Municipal and plant heating pipeline system
Chemical used steam transmission pipeline
Other hot medium transmission pipeline