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GRE downhole tubing / GRE downhole casing
GRE coating downhole casing

Product Introduction

The casing which are combined with GRE coating and steel casing liner, which can reach high strength with strong corrosion resistance properties

  • ●  The production specification is from 41/2 inch to 8  inch
  • ●  The maximum working pressure is 21Mpa
  • ●  The maximum working temperature is 80℃/135℃(Anhydride/Amine Cured Epoxy)
  • ●  The nominal length of the pipe is about 9.14m.

Fittings Couplings
By using continuous winding technology, the company produces various specs of assorted pipe Coupling etc. joints.

Connection Type
Per API specification 5B, 

Scope of Application

  • ●  Water, polymer injection
  • ●  Oil production wells
  • ●  Gas lift of rod type oil well pump


  • ●  Good performance of mechanical and physical property
  • ●  Excellent property of corrosion-resistance and long service life.
  • ●  Anti-high-voltage performance
  • ●  Long life, the designed service life is not shorter than 30yeas
  • ●  High temperature standing
  • ●  Low installation cost